10 Things You Can do to Turn Your Patients into Regulars

The struggle is real. For many chiros, the challenge is not necessarily getting new patients, but instead getting ideal new patients. You know who they are and who you think of first. Most often, it is the ones who come in when they say they would, on a set schedule, but also stick to their programs and continue to keep up with their payments and billing obligations. We all get busy, and we know that finding the ideal patient takes work, but what specific steps can one take to make sure that you are not only getting these types of patients but also keeping them coming back and keeping up with their commitments?

Here are some things to take into account when lining up patients:

  1. Set expectations from the outset during the ROF delivery process.
  2. Develop a plan that is going to focus on their results (ROF packets).
  3. Review on-going progress and not just their ROF packets, routinely, and give them a believable path to progression and maintenance.
  4. Show value at every corner, not just during their routine adjustments.
  5. Have and set up a list of exciting and engaging activities, and encourage their friends and family to tag along (possible referrals).
  6. Give them enticing services that they want and need so they can keep coming back for more. Massage stations, exercise rooms, lecture sections, and walking/hiking groups are good examples of enticing services.
  7. Talk about their mood and what it feels like for them when (or if) they miss their scheduled appointments. For example, you can say something like, “Bob I noticed you missed your appointment a couple of weeks ago and now you are keeping up with the program we’ve set up for you, How do you feel when you miss your adjustments, do you notice a difference?”.
  8. Give away adjustments from time to time. It’s true, giving back to your patients will make them feel appreciated, and they will remember these gestures.
  9. Stick to your schedule and make visiting hours easily accessible and convenient.
  10. Give them perks – like free massages (if your practice provides it), exercise days, and lectures.

These things can go a long way to encouraging your patients to become more like your ideal patients. Take them into consideration and implement them into your practice where you see it fits. Good luck, and we hope these insights help you grow. 

If there is anything you would like ever to discuss as it pertains to your growth, we’re here for you!

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