Stand out, be modern, more innovative, by using this new technique to captivate your new potential clients! We build you a custom video brochure for your company to drive more demand for your business like never before! 

Let us know what you want and expect, and then our team begins working on your brochure right away! We can even develop a sample first, and then work with you to perfect the final product.

PErfect for:

  • Tradeshows & Events
  • Mailers and Personalized Parcels
  • Corporate, High-End Prospects
  • High-ticket Sales
  • Product Demonstrations

  • Captivate Your Audience & Be Sure to GRAB Their Attention!
  • Stand Out From The Usual Competition & Their Methods!
  • Showcase Elegance and Unique Class With Your Own Video Brochure (ONLY 10mm thick)!

Click GET STARTED Now, complete a simple form and our team will be in touch soon to finalize your video brochure for you.

You can now showcase your company, brand, products, and services in a modern and futuristic way! Each brochure is 8.3 inches wide, 5.9 inches in height, and ONLY 10 millimeters thick! We have many different formats including business cards, flyers, and showcase boxes. 

Our video brochures will capture your prospects attention and interest. The video brochures do not just look incredible but are durable and feel great.  Show your customers how serious your company is about spending time and money to acquire them through high-quality, and innovative products.

Each Video Brochure Card comes with:

  • Built-In 4.3 Inch LCD Screen, 480 x 272 resolution, clean Image quality
  • High-quality custom printed and designed, paper body material (Front, Back, & Inside Info Section)
  • Built-in speaker and 5-button control system​
  • Built-in Memory of 128 MB  (can be customized up to 4 GB!)
  • Micro USB Input for Data Sync and Charging
  • We also have other formats available such as business cards, flyers, and showcase boxes

set yourself apart from all other companies & competition!

Dont wait! Be the first to jump in and get a head start on your competition. This is the new and upcoming trend in business and video brochures are the key to your domination and success.  

Don't you want to be ahead of the curve? Each order takes less than a couple of weeks to prepare and ship to you!

Classy, elegant & captivating..

Video Brochures are almost guaranteed to be a topic of discussion at any event or in any presentation setting.

Show your product demos, videos with spokespeople, and discussions of your services and offerings all in one brochure. Leave your clients yearning with excitement and something they look forward to when they finally arrive back at their office.



No one wants to throw these away!

not convinced these will do the job?

Business of all shapes and sizes have often had a hard time presenting and showcasing their product information, demonstrations and messages in a short time frame. Why be bound by those rules?

Give your prospective clients something they will look forward to opening later on when they are ready to devote some time and attention to reviewing your message.

Most companies that attend trade shows spend thousands of dollars on flyers and printed materials. In almost all cases clients tend to throw away or forgot about the printed material/flyers once back home. 

Don't be part of their junk pile! Stick out from the usual companies with the new unique and innovative showcase of your company its products and services. 

Submit your order today and our team will begin customizing your video brochures which are sure to be the next talk at your company event!

“As soon as I show people these things, they immediately want my products. I don't know how this even happened in the first place ”- Marc S. Los Angeles, Event Management Firm

Make sure you take advantage of this new, futuristic method to innovate, capture and convert your audience. Once they see these from your company, they will know they are dealing with professionals.

these will be the next big thing!

Don't wait to showcase your company's ability to push the envelope with class, elegance and breaking from the mainstream.


The Good Stuff:
  • Newest thing to hit the market!

  • ​High-Quality Innovation

  • Elegant way to showcase
The Bad Stuff:
  • Everyone will want them soon

  • ​Prices will go up

  • Supplies will run out

new product

Start ordering your custom video brochure Now!

Make it easy for your prospects to decide on your company, its products and services. It's simple! Click start now, complete the simple form, and our team will get in touch with you to finalize your own personal video brochure. 

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