Cosmetic Surgeon's Marketing Fundamentals for 2019

If you are a cosmetic surgeon and you are trying to reach new patients this year, you understand just how crucial it is to contact them in specific phases during their searching “journey” for your services. Equally, you know that there is often a cost in acquiring these new patients and we have to pay full attention to that cost.

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So, what are the essential fundamentals when it comes to marketing your cosmetic services in 2019?  And why is 2019 different than prior years? Follow along with our article, and we promise you will learn more and benefit from it. Surely this advice can help other types of other medical and wellness services, but we want to break it down for cosmetic surgeons specifically because we feel the challenges in this industry and we want to help.

Always seek legal and professional advice before making statements and claims in which you are uncertain, so you don’t break any guidelines and rules. Of course, we are skilled, trained and well versed in this specific field, so feel free to contact us if we can help.

  1. Plan first. Before you begin doing anything with marketing, we always recommend starting with designing a plan or program. With marketing in general, you may likely want to have two types of marketing plans. Most often, one devises a strategic plan first and then a more defined tactical plan. Each one, of course, serves their unique purpose. The strategic one being an overall goal-oriented plan whereas the tactical plan is more defined and broken down into specific milestones and planned activities.
  2. Properly categorize and define. Each type of marketing program not only have specific purposes but each also has their own particular intended or expected set of results. Generally, the tactical plan (and results) feed up into the overarching strategic plan. Each defined series of actions or milestones have a set of goals to be achieved. If you don’t reach your goals and milestones within an expected timeframe, effects are noted, and adjustments can be made to correct course.
  3. Aiming for the Results you want. The results we speak of can be anything from reach to impressions, click through rates, return on ad spend, or even conversions and actual sales providing profits. There are a host of expectations we have when marketing our services, and it is especially no different in the cosmetic services industry and marketplace. It is equally demanding and increasingly competitive. Either way, you have to articulate these elements properly within your plan so that you can be ready to showcase your services and your brand.
  4. Getting your systems in place. Getting systems in place will be paramount for having a successful marketing plan. This activity means if your website needs updating to offer better scheduling or consultation options, you will need to invest in it. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be very expensive, there are resources available at affordable rates. If you need some help in this or other areas, feel free to contact us too.
  5. Getting help. Part of getting your systems ready could also mean your training your staff on new objectives, hiring a marketing team (ahem), updating your web presence, adding new content to social media pages, or even setting up your advertisement accounts on various platforms. Either way, make sure you are ready to go before you begin executing on any plans. Be sure to “audit” or review your systems before showcasing your brand and story to your audience.
  6. Proper Branding. When it comes to showing your brand, consider safety, trust, and reliability first. These are the branding and story messages almost all potential new patients want to see first and foremost, and then it becomes a matter of cost after. Unfortunately, in some cases, safety may not always be the first concern for shoppers seeking cosmetic services. Regardless, you will want your potential patients to consider you their advocate whose primary interests are choosing safety and quality over cost.

Summary: You want your message to come across in a way where your audience perceives your practice as being not only safe but also highly beneficial and valuable to whoever is taking in your brand and story.

To achieve success in this area, make sure you’ve defined your plans and goals, set out for the results you want and be sure to build the systems required for executing on your ideas.

Each aspect is essential to proper execution and implementing a solid marketing plan. Stay tuned for our coming article where we will detail out exactly how to start applying some of these fundamentals. If you have any questions about any information contained within our articles or content or need help with anything, please feel free to contact us.

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