Cosmetic Surgeon’s Online Marketing Ninja Tricks

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A couple weeks back we promised more details and even some ninja tricks for cosmetic surgeons, and here they are! Of course, we strive to make our content applicable to other medical and wellness practitioners so everyone can benefit.

Something to consider if you haven’t set one up already is a method to capture email addresses and phone numbers of potential new patients. This process usually involves properly designed landing pages, and well-thought-out funnels help compel and obtain contact information from visitors. 

If you go this route, consider creating compelling video sales offers driven by call-to-action-oriented letters and email marketing campaigns to help show value and combat objections new patients may have. Make sure you run tests such as split testing against headlines, benefits, ad copy, and pictures to ensure your audience fully understands your unique selling proposition (USP).

If you plan on hosting any medical information, be sure to comply with legal guidelines (i.e., HIIPA and other regulations). Patients want to know their knowledge is not going to go outside of your office and will be in good hands. Also, you want to make sure you follow legal procedures when collecting data.

Within your posts and content, you also want to be sure to highlight any patient testimonials, awards, and accolades. A critical aspect of conducting business for such high-ticket services and products is showing the successes of others who have gone through similar experiences. This approach is highly convincing when provided in the form of testimonials and video ads.

Part of online advertising includes running compelling offers, events, and providing bonuses within your “routine” content. Be sure to be creative and flexible but also be inclusive to get a higher reach and better impression rating. The more inclusive your offers are, the higher the ad reach and impressions they will receive.

For visitors who are casual “window shoppers” or get easily distracted away from your original messages, make sure you can retarget them with your content and posts. Be sure to have compelling and relevant ads ready to go to serve up to your retargeted audience.

By now you may be wondering why 2019 is essential and perhaps where it fits into all of this. If you recall (or don’t), in 2018 Facebook faced an enormous amount of pressure and backlash following a few highly publicized breaches and shortcomings in privacy. As a result, Facebook has made several changes to their platform.

The changes Facebook has made to its native platform, as well as Instagram, involve making content presented to them much more meaningful and relevant. They’ve even gone as far as surveying audiences for feedback after ads have been served through the platform for confirmation.

The continuous changes to various social media platforms are why it matters, even more, to pay attention to relevance and messaging you are putting out there. You have to make sure whoever is managing it is making sure it is compelling and user-friendly. The friendlier, the better for any algorithm changes that will take place. Also, be careful when you hire “experts” in this realm. Competitive services and tons of agencies coming out with these “experts” are lacking in quality and proper frameworks to ensure your success and ROAS (return on ad spend).

Of course, we welcome the opportunity to help in any way. Our team has experts who use tested and true frameworks that work and prove results repeatedly. Please click here to schedule a free strategy call.

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