Don’t Blindly Signup For Social Media Services!

If you are a business owner, the chances are that at some point, you have received emails, seen ads, or called about Social Media Management, Followers, Likes, Ads, and many other types of offerings.

Many companies are taking the bait just because they have heard about stories of Insta-famous brands rising to the top quickly and a slew of other success stories thanks in large to social media in and of itself.

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Are we saying that you shouldn’t use these services? NOT AT ALL! We highly recommend you look into these services for your company if you aren’t using them already. Still, we advise using EXTREME CAUTION before signing up with anything or anyone online.

Sure, the offerings may look fabulous, and you may actually have signed up already and are seeing more followers, more likes, and so on. But most companies cannot track an actual transaction back to social media in any form. In essence, knowing whether it is working or not is tough to pin down.

You have to do your due diligence on the business or agency positioning their services. After all, they are a marketing team, and many marketing teams are highly skilled at selling and marketing their services but entirely lacking when doing the work or representing the customer’s business. Why do you ask?

It’s simple; most marketing firms do not have the in-house talent that represents their client’s needs or someone that at least has a background in marketing to their client’s target audience and ideal customer. What’s worse is that some of these Instagram or Social Media services utilize “bot” technologies to follow, comment, and like posts automatically with useless and mediocre quality posting and engagement that customers and followers alike are catching onto these low-quality ways of interaction.

People on social media platforms want to see practical, valuable, and engaging content that is meaningful, mainly to them, and not your brand. Otherwise, why would they be following you in the first place? Sure, the content has to come from you, but it doesn’t always have to be specific about your brand, nor does it necessarily have to include a call to action.

What’s valuable, you ask? Well, that’s the tricky part because it is different for different followers. This phase is where the person or people managing your brand and social accounts are honestly paying attention to the page(s) of the person and people they are about to engage and comment with their content. Looking at their posts, patterns, and comments and then mentioning something worthy of them, saying back a simple “Thank you” or a “like” to your comment.

As always, the premise is not to scare you but to inform you of what truly matters when it comes to marketing online. If you signed up for these services before, look at what they have done for you before. It’s good to analyze everything from comments to engagements and Growth or a lack thereof if this is the case. You want to take inventory of your input and also what you received back from these activities.

Be honest about the results and ask yourself if you could do something better to contribute to what it is you are after. Growth! Some agencies could take a simple method of engagement like social media and commenting and turn it into successful transactions and profitable Growth if they are trained adequately in attaining these types of results.

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