Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Facebook launched in February of 2004 as a tool used in universities, and the rest is pretty much history. Or is it? Of course, changes are happening to the platform all the time.

Fast forward from the time the service launched to just three years later to 2007, and that is when the Facebook Advertising platform initially debuted. Since this time in 2007, Facebook has seen tremendous growth. As of late, Facebook Marketing and Instagram Marketing activities work on a pay-to-play type of approach.

Sure there are many new changes and features planned that are sure to help companies grow even faster and faster as time progresses, some of them being focused on advertising in Facebook Messenger and other places like the marketplace and stories. Even with these planned changes, pay-to-play seems to be the direction; the platform will be continuing with for the foreseeable future.

Pushing out ads to hyper-targeted groups alone won’t cut it anymore, and the perspectives of the audience themselves have evolved and come to expect and even demand more from marketers and companies alike.

If you want to get any meaningful traction on the Facebook Marketing platform, it’s pointless to come up with sub-par or mediocre content in hopes that it will work it’s way into the right hands, because the truth is that it won’t.

You need a creative team that can deliver content that’s valuable and unique. Also, content needs to be unique and posted at just the right moment in time. It takes a team with real skills, experience, dedication, attention to detail, and a disciplined approach to attain any decent return on ad spend (ROAS).  

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