Growth Hacking

What is Growth Hacking?

When most people first hear the word Growth Hacking, their interests pique and they sometimes think it’s some made up term that was invented out of thin air.

In 2011, the term was coined out of frustration to define someone “whose true north is growth”. In Silicon Valley, where our leadership team has a well-established tenure, the term Growth Hacking was born to identify and describe the fine art of understanding all of the components which make up the ability to “shortcut” a company’s growth process tremendously in a shorter than an average timeframe, through iterative testing and low costs.

It is still, till this day, considered one of Silicon Valley’s “best-kept secrets.”

Once this firestorm explodes upstairs and someone realizes what we can do, then its usually all ears, eyes, and pretty much everything in between.

Now, not every business can qualify for Growth Hacking. We need to make this clear at the onset. Many businesses who try are under an illusion that it will work for their business. There are specific variables and items a business wants to make sure they have in order prior to embarking on such a journey.

Unplanned or unsustainable growth for a business can often be more damaging and in some cases fatal than trying Growth Hacking to begin with.

If you are curious or want to learn more about Growth Hacking and or if it can possibly be applied to your business, please visit our contact page, select an option to be contacted, and one of our team members will reach out to you to assist you further.

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