How do you market cosmetic surgery services?

How do you start marketing your cosmetic surgery services? First, you need to start by making sure that anything you lay claim to is legal, ethical, moral, and permitted within the confines of your profession and advertising guidelines.

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We know it’s stating the obvious, but never tell a lie or a falsehood. Audiences are smart these days, and you can’t fool them. 

Always seek legal and professional advice before making statements and claims in which you are uncertain, so you don’t break any guidelines and rules. 

Of course, we are skilled, trained, and well versed in this specific field, so feel free to contact us if we can help.

As with any marketing plan, you will want to make sure to follow marketing principles while pushing your message of safety and value in your services. Once you’ve honed in on an adequate message you have validated, it’s now a matter of using it in applications and settings where it makes sense.

If its newspaper print ads you are targeting, keep in mind that you may have a limited amount of text to work within. As such, consider hiring a copywriter who can professionally massage your messages to make them appropriate and fitting, within your projected ad or content piece.

If it’s a video ad, infomercial, commercial, or radio spot you are looking to push out, you will want to hit emotive points of view (again being careful with statements and avoid guaranteeing results and promises) but also be sure to be informative. Do not oversell your practice and skills but seem confident. Any time you can showcase testimonials of happy clients within your videos, you will drive higher engagement and likely capture more potential new patients.

The presentation process involves positioning your content, headlines, and visuals correctly. When it comes to positioning, make sure not to come across as the overall solution but rather the guiding person who is merely helping the patient find the right answers. Remember, you may not be the correct answer for some potential patients after all, and that is okay.

We want the right patients who are going to in fact benefit but also speak wonders to their friends, family, and colleagues who may be in a similar position thereby compelling them to help with sending referrals your way.

Getting to the right audience often involves understanding what types of experiences they have gone through, having empathy toward their needs and ultimately being able to present yourself as the metaphorical “glue” to bring it all together.

A great way to come across as showing empathy and understanding towards someone’s needs in this niche is to create a blog that speaks to their experiences and provides information. Chances are your audience is already searching all over for information that is inside your brain. Of course, you will need to follow blogging best practices to make it impactful but also be sure to make it consistent. No one likes a “once and a while” blogger.

Conceptual talk about marketing is all fine, but how do you put this into practical sense or even better, real action? Here is where it gets fun, so hang on. For one, make sure that your headlines captivate. Also, make sure your images show before and after shots. If you have videos with before and after results, these are great as well and provide a higher engagement and conversion rate than the routine pictures.

Anything you post, you will want to make sure it drives traffic to your practice, website, social pages, or your call-to-action. If it is a Facebook Ad or an Instagram Ad, factual information, testimonials, and valuable advice help drive traffic and engagement while visuals and aesthetics keep visitors stuck and less distracted which will, in turn, result in a smaller bounce rate (visitors who leave your content). Be sure to articulate why someone should choose you above the competition but be sure to avoid complex medical terms that the layperson cannot relate to at all.

You will want to use your website and social media posts to engage, inform and cultivate further action. How, do you ask? This process usually means having a useful bio or short story about how you came to practice and why you love what you do as well as the exceptional results your patients realize. Also, explain how your payment plans work and how people can get in touch to get more detailed answers.

Stay tuned for our next segment on cosmetic surgeon marketing practices where we dive deeper into some of the “ninja tricks” for driving cold traffic (new patients who don’t know about you) to your websiteads, offers, and content.

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