How Bizkey Hub works


Our members save money each month while meeting their marketing goals and getting new customers.

We are a robust, high-quality digital marketing and media company on subscription.

Quality determines outcomes and success. Our work compels people and drives them to your business, and gets more people like them.

For over 20 years, our founding team has invested in technologies that build relationships and grow businesses from the ground up with them.

We’ve partnered with the best marketers to deliver unparalleled quality, proven results, and a defined practice around scalability to achieve your business’s growth and marketing goals.

Your Marketing needs
covered each day!


Members have full access to an entire marketing team of experts in the US. From there, you select the marketing style, and a team member will be in touch shortly after that to discuss your order or get started on the work if there are no questions.


As a member, you can contact your marketing team any time, as many times as you want, and ensure all of your marketing questions and needs get answered. You have peace of mind knowing your marketing is covered each month!

Why hundreds of businesses searching for a marketer have turned to bizkey hub instead

Many professionals, and business owners have stepped away from hiring a marketer in house, and leverage a smarter, more affordable way to get all of the marketing help they need reliably each day and month for a low monthly cost!

Hire Your Own Marketer

  1. Pay fees based on hourly, salary or retainer.
  2. Not all skillsets are available.
  3. Spends hours researching concepts and designs.
  4. Need to hire outside help for additional work.
  5. Higher Rates than a team.
  6. Off hours or holiday works costs more.
  7. Wait days or weeks for a return call or answer.

Marketing Help with Bizkey

  1. Experienced marketers for a fraction of the cost!
  2. Various skills, industries, and talents available.
  3. Direct, and to the point answers.
  4. Over 20 years of experience growing companies.
  5. Low, set subscription fee.
  6. 24/7 support and help available
  7. Get a live person within hours and in many cases a few minutes!

How Bizkey can help

We hire and partner with marketers around the world who have proven results in each respective industry. 

You can consult with your marketing team about many marketing topics and they will work with intensity towards your expected results. 

Finally see the results you expect from marketing activities that you undertake!

Common Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Each plan (depending on level) includes the following:

  • A Marketing Review to determine how web, social, online, and external presence appears and what can be done to increase growth and business opportunities.
  • Social Media Posts (2 – 6 – the amount depends on the level).
  • Graphics (2 – 4 – the amount depends on the level).
  • One on One Call (a consultation-based and customized per online business meeting – the amount depends on level)
  • Support (Email, Chat, or Phone – depending on level).
  • Library access (insight and how-to information on everyday marketing needs and goals).
  • SOPs – Step by step guides on what and how to fix things.
  • Discounts (depending on level) 
  • Ad Campaigns (depending on level) 
  • Our reps attend any marketing-related call you need us to attend (depending on level) 
  • Blog Articles (depending on level) 
  • Newsletters (depending on level) 
  • choose your plan

  • Marketing ReviewMarketing Review
  • Social Media PostsSocial Media Posts
  • GraphicsGraphics
  • 1 on 1 Calls1 on 1 Calls
  • Email SupportEmail Support
  • Live ChatLive Chat
  • Library AccessLibrary Access
  • SOPsSOPs
  • 50% Off Other Services50% Off Other Services
  • Ad CampaignsAd Campaigns
  • Blog ArticlesBlog Articles
  • VideosVideos
  • We Attend Any Marketing CallWe Attend Any Marketing Call
  • NewsletterNewsletter
  • Basic

  • $97

    per month

  • Marketing Review
  • Social Media Posts1 each week / 4 total every month
  • Graphics2
  • 1 on 1 Calls1
  • Email Support
  • Live Chat
  • Library Access
  • SOPs
  • 50% Off Other Services
  • Ad Campaigns
  • Blog Articles
  • Videos
  • We Attend Any Marketing Call
  • Newsletter
  • Standard

  • $197

    per month

  • Marketing Review
  • Social Media Posts2 each week / 8 total every month
  • Graphics2
  • 1 on 1 Calls2
  • Email Support
  • Live Chat
  • Library Access
  • SOPs
  • 50% Off Other Services
  • Ad Campaigns
  • Blog Articles
  • Videos
  • We Attend Any Marketing Call
  • Newsletter
  • Premium

  • $497

    per month

  • Marketing Review
  • Social Media Posts3 each week / 12 total every month
  • Graphics2
  • 1 on 1 Calls3
  • Email Support
  • Live Chat
  • Library Access
  • SOPs
  • 50% Off Other Services
  • Ad Campaigns1
  • Blog Articles1
  • Videos1
  • We Attend Any Marketing Call1
  • Newsletter
  • Exclusive

  • $997

    per month

  • Marketing Review
  • Social Media Posts4 each week / 16 total every month
  • Graphics4
  • 1 on 1 Calls4
  • Email Support
  • Live Chat
  • Library Access
  • SOPs
  • 50% Off Other Services
  • Ad Campaigns2
  • Blog Articles1
  • Videos2
  • We Attend Any Marketing Call2
  • Newsletter1

You can see a more detailed comparison of each plan and our supplemental packages on our Compare Plans page.

SOPs are Standard Operating Procedures.  SOPs are well-documented steps that show you exactly what and where to fix things that need to be corrected.

Images – Examples of an SOP from our Library are provided based on each customer’s needs. Our expert marketers review their business, and then SOPs are attached to each customer’s login portal dashboard. We can do the work for you if you would like, or you can use your resources.

Our reviews are customized to each business and detail all areas to be corrected to achieve a specific result.

Our marketing, web, and media experts analyze and then grade and recommend fixes (if any):

  1. Marketing
  2. Social Media
  3. Website
  4. SEO
  5. Customer Journey

In the review we analyze your business, point out all areas of attention, and precisely what to do to achieve the desired result.

The details you get back are a complete, actionable report on the review and all of the tangible steps called SOPs – (like the below) to achieve your desired results or outcome. 

You can choose to correct the items we have found in our review on your own or use our team to correct them for you (as part of your membership or at a discounted rate if you choose standard and above).

We can also run additional, subsequent reviews later to ensure results happen as expected.

Image 1 – Assessment Review Results Example (Please note that each customer review is different and will include different fixes or items depending on our team’s findings. The below is simply an example to outline some, not all, of the things that could be needing correction). 

Image 2 – Assessment Review Results Example – Website

Image 3 – Assessment Review Results Example – SEO, Social Media (Public Reach)

Image 4 – Assessment Review Results Example – Branding

Image 5 – Assessment Review Results Example – VS. Competition

Image 6 – Assessment Review Results Example – Web & Branding Enhancements

Image 7 – Assessment Review Results Example – Advertising Recommendations

Image 8 & 9 – Step-by-step fixes & SOPs that correct issues or items found in the results

Don’t worry. We have several options that are flexible for you. You can choose to have our team fix any of the issues we find in our review or provide you with step-by-step guidance.

No problem at all! We have different tiers of support or entirely DIY depending on your needs. If you are still unsure, book an appointment with our team, and we can explain.

We create new SOPs and articles weekly and monthly. SOPs are reviewed and updated each month.

No, benefits do not roll-over into the next month.

During our onboarding, you can choose fonts, colors, and styles of content that our team will provide. This includes tone, branding, and other marketing elements that match each business uniquely.

Library access means you will have unlimited access to our how-to content, and insightful SOPs that are actionable and help fix marketing elements within your business.

We have a few more options below to help.

1. Visit our Contact Us Page by clicking here.

2. Visit our appointment page to book a 20-minute call with a live marketing expert.

3. Take our Quiz and grade your marketing.

4. Get some Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Help.

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