How to Get Smart With Instagram Growth For Businesses

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Want To Grow Your Business Using Instagram? Time to Get Savvy!

Many savvy businesses are jumping on the “Insta-wagon” and trying to produce worthy content to get viewers and audiences interested in their brand, story, and message. The brand and story part goes without saying; you need a nicely crafted, appealing and very alluring look and image.

How do you craft an Instagram worthy story that you can sell to gain more leads or turn cold leads into hot leads? You create “Thumb stoppers“!

Thumbstoppers” are content pieces that make a viewer who is browsing their feed, stop the scroll motion of the screen with their thumb to view your image. The first step has to do with the aesthetics, the tone, and the “look and feel.” It must create a “wow factor.”

Many great content providers on Instagram have a certain flair and style, and they also know how to pull a viewer in with photography skills to capture unique angles, vivid colors, great subjects under excellent lighting. What goes beyond the first point that draws them in has some relation to but is followed by the next thing, how do we keep them there for longer?

Readers and audiences stay put with a witty caption or with a real, laid-out value proposition. Some provide unique information and or rewarding perspectives. Others work with cleverly crafted messages, puns, riddles, and questions.

Asking your audience thought-evoking questions go a long way to get them to engage on your post. Asking for opinions and comments on what you post is a great way to create more excitement and elicit this engagement. Higher engagement means that the Facebook algorithm (and the Instagram algorithm) shows your content to more people (as Instagram is owned by Facebook, at the time of this writing).

Beyond posting, make sure you follow our do’s and don’ts of Instagram advice and use location tagging, hashtags and other tips that we lay out. Instagram Stories is another creative way to showcase product information and get viewers interested in new products, topics or content.

We encourage our readers to use cool filters (only when it’s right). Do not overuse or over-do the filters. Make sure you capture real moments, behind the scenes and “glimpses” to catch your audience‚Äôs attention and make them want to keep checking back for updates and more bits of information.

In other words, don’t give away too much all at once. This method of releasing content is a way to introduce a buildup of the hype and create interest in your brand and story. The point is to build a lasting following and not a temporary one. You want loyal followers who are always in-tuned to your content and keep coming back for more.

Once you have your loyal followers, always be creative and work to draw in your viewer and audience member. Remember, the more thought, time and detail you put into your post, Insta-story and comments, the more rewarding it will feel and be to both your brands and it’s followers.

Always seek the advice of professional marketers and digital creatives before you start posting for the sake of it. Sometimes, the wrong message can cost your business more than the time and energy it takes in seeking and using professional help.

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