Messenger Marketing

Messenger Marketing

Messenger marketing is not for the faint-hearted. Messenger Marketing is exploding at the moment across all major platforms. Facebook Messenger is leading the way since it has an already direct connection to interest and demographic based targetting capabilities. Our team of Manychat experts and Chatfuel gurus are working hard and seeing significant returns when driving new sales for our client’s. Our client’s often awake to find a continuous flood of Messenger leads who are highly-qualified and interested in purchasing.

Why does Messenger Marketing Work So Well?

Simple, it’s personal and direct. If you aren’t using Facebook Messenger and other Direct Messaging (DM) type of applications for advertising, chances are you are missing out on a significant amount of business potential. Messenger is quickly replacing Email as it was years ago the norm for high open rates. People can’t help to check and see who messaged them and why. Most often, the messages come with abruptly interrupting notifications which are almost sure to capture more people’s attention.

How does our team help?

We offer many Messenger Marketing services options; from highly engaging workflows to custom chat templates which are sure to compel your audience to subscribe or submit their information.

Here are some of our services for Messenger Marketing:

  • Audience Targeting
  • Live Chat
  • Lead generation bots
  • SMS Marketing & Chatbots
  • Growth Tools: Popups, slide-ins, buttons, call to actions, landing pages and more
  • Automated workflows: comment bots and engaging chat options
  • Questionnaires and surveys
  • Broadcasted Offers and Events
  • Custom sequences and workflows
  • Web integrated subscriptions
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