Stop Wasting Your Money on Facebook Ads!

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Stop Wasting Your Money on Facebook Ads!

If you are running Facebook ads in today’s atmosphere, you need to be very careful. It’s easy to throw money away on the platform by merely running ads or a “Boost” to a post.

You may be enticed to run an ad especially when Facebook notifies you that a recent post you put up is being boosted by others. Who are the others? Are they my competitors? Many people begin to scratch their heads.

Perhaps by insinuating your competitors are boosting Facebook posts for ad campaign purposes, you will be more inclined to make a move and push the boost button. It’s a smart strategy by Facebook designers. This makes you think that you are going to miss out on traffic or lose sight of marketing goals because someone else is running a similar ad and perhaps you may not be.

So, how do you not waste money on Facebook ads (or Instagram ads)?

First and foremost, as with anything, we always recommend having a plan in place first. For Facebook ads, this plan is usually called a marketing plan or a marketing blueprint, and sometimes it is even referred to as a marketing road-map. Whatever you call it, you need one, and you need it to make sense. It should cover the basics for sure.

The second thing you want to do is make highly appealing and highly valuable content. This takes some skill, and as with anything, you may need a professional involved. You will want excellent video content, beautiful pictures in your posts and compelling, action-oriented headlines that deliver clear and concise call-to-action.

Once you’ve gotten the post off the ground and published, you will want to closely monitor its performance. Keep an eye out for its relevance score, and it’s engagement rates, click-through and other vital metrics Facebook provides. If or when ads are under-performing, you need to kill them off quickly, so they don’t rack up more fees and eat away at your (perhaps) low marketing budget. You want to also be careful not to kill them off too soon.

You will want to monitor closely and let the Facebook system analyze and serve up your ad as best as possible first. If you still see after a little time that it still isn’t performing, don’t just keep racking up more charges, and just kill the ad and start off with a new one. You can also duplicate the old one first and change it’s attributed, targeting and more if needed. Under-performing ads can often go unnoticed, and when going unnoticed, they can rack up quite a bit in fees.

When running Facebook ads, you want to systematize your process down to a science. How do you do that you may be wondering? You really need to understand your audience very well first and understand marketing principles to deliver on your brand’s message and story. Ultimately to perform on an ad, you need to understand your targeted audience’s likes and interests as well as their behavioral traits and demographic details.

What do you do when you have found a winning Facebook ad?

Simple, scale it and watch it carefully. By scaling ads, this means adding more time, larger audiences, duplicating it to newer and similar audiences, lookalike audiences and more. This latter part takes precision and care, just as equally as the first parts described above.

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