The Dirty Little Trick Digital Agencies Pull On Their Customers


Have you hired an agency to work on your brand or perhaps even your website? If so, there is something that we want to explain. It may not seem like such a big deal for many, and sometimes, people proudly display who developed or worked on their site and didn't think much about it.

We want to explain the benefit this provides for the agency when they are doing this. First, it's not necessary for one to put their name on someone else's website if they've worked on it for them. There is no official rule or reasoning to this. It primarily only benefits the agency or the developer who placed their name on the site. Why may you be wondering?

When agencies (or anyone for that matter) place their name, logo and more importantly their URL on someone else's website, it is free advertising for the agency. That's right! It creates higher search rankings for the agency because search engines usually factor in "back-links" which are mostly links which lead back to a place.

It's no secret that the more back-links one has pointing back to their site, the more popular it will be deemed. This reason is why search engines will rank them higher and give preference to them when displaying relevant search information to users. Don't get too worked up just yet. This concept has become the norm for many agencies and developers alike. Some don't even know why they are doing it but other than their competition does it, and they are trying to copy.

So, you may be wondering if you should ask your web person to remove their links from your site by now perhaps? Not so fast, some developers and website creators may have an issue with this. Some view their work as a piece of art and to them, asking them to remove their URL or name is like asking Pablo Picasso or Salvador Dali to scratch the artist's signature off of an already hung masterpiece.

So, unsure of your options? It's OK, perhaps you can ask them to leave their name but remove the URL? Another option is to blend it in with the background a bit more (like some artists even do). You can also elect to pick a group for your website that is not going to place their back-link, logos or any other references back to them. Does it say the name of the building manufacturer on every single small business storefront? After all, who's paying for the site and should someone be able to put their name on your brand? In some cases, it may be fitting, but either way, we recommend exercising careful judgment.

We'll save the controversy for other times. For now, feel free to contact us if you need some help with this.

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