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Facebook has done some pretty cool things with its Advertising features lately. And while they have been doing some phenomenal stuff overall like hyper-targeted ads to specific users and Facebook Pixel event tracking on websites, there is far more behind the scenes that they have been working on developing. What may you be wondering? For quite some time, Facebook has been working slowly on its Messenger platform. They have been designing and sharpening its core features so that it can tune into its ad network effectively. And right now at this very moment in time, it's in a position where it is starting to take off!

Sure, Facebook's Messenger has been around for some time now. You may or may not be using Facebook Messenger today, but chances are someday (and likely soon), you will. Undoubtedly this platform is here to stay and become a reasonable means of communication for the entire world. We suspect that it will also one day become a standard business communication tool, perhaps replacing solutions like Slack and others. Now, take that statement and think about the ability to tap into an entire audience across a platform where the open-rate is quickly replacing what email once was back in the late 90's and early 2000's. It's true, open-rates on Messenger is in the neighborhood of 80 to 90 percent.

What can you do to start adopting a messenger strategy to your marketing? First, you can look online for resources in Facebook's help section and Facebook's Blueprint course on using messenger for Ads. There are some pretty straightforward articles with detailed steps on how to set this up. There are also third-party apps and tools such as ChatFuel and ManyChat which are available to setup automatic messenger capabilities and supercharge your Ads strategy. We’ve developed some pretty effective workflows for clients which subscribe and integrate users into their entire sales process and workflow efficiently.

Of course, all these tools take some knowledge, and we recommend that if you do not know what you are doing, you should always seek professional advice. Bizkey Hub has experts who manage and set this and other solutions up for customers in many different industries. If you would like to reach out to discuss your unique needs, please feel free to click here to visit our calendar page.

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