The Next Trend: Books on Facebook Messenger

Just recently, we stumbled across some information in the wild where Facebook Messenger will be used by the bestselling author James Patterson to release a new book of his titled, “The Chef.” Most people who had seen this same information initially became puzzled and said something to the extent of, “A Book on Messenger?

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Once that thought sinks in, you can begin to understand the possibilities, especially if you own a business. Facebook Messenger is a platform that almost everyone on social media has installed on their phones. If you factor that in and combine it with the high open rates, as a business, you can’t help but see the possibilities.

Whether you are exploring it for revenue generation or lead generation, the possibilities are pretty much endless. We suspect that it will compete with Kindle and eReaders all over, and we also suspect that it will be a heavily used business tool.

If you are a Chiropractor or a Dentist, you can give away a free eBook to your prospective clients through messenger after they enter their contact information or subscribe to your mailing list. Examples of how to reduce lower back pain and keep your teeth white all year long could be used to entice people to sign up, and then from there, you can promote other offers and upsells that you have within your respective industry.

For Chiropractors, this can be in the form of a treatment and adjustment plan or pillows and accessories. For Dentists, this could be a whitening session or a home whitening kit where all the prospect has to do to receive the package is enter in their shipping information and pay for the shipping fee to receive the free kit. The last step could be an upsell opportunity or could qualify the prospective customer further on other upsell opportunities.

If you aren’t using Facebook’s Messenger platform for ads, we highly recommend you look into it further. There are always new ways to connect and cool features that Facebook is pumping into the platform. And specifically for advertising, it utilizes the same hyper-targeting engine, which makes for a pretty helpful connection tool for businesses.

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