Why chiros need their whole team on board for new patient growth

Many chiropractors today are trying to get new patients, but are faced with several time-consuming tasks that don’t seem to contribute to the results they need, which is a higher volume of new patients.

Everything from the new patient intake process to treatment plans and even ROF packet creation is vital but also very resource-intensive.

So how does a chiropractor take on these tasks and continue growing in the process?

With a well functioning team and cohesive one at that, of course! How do this well functioning and cohesive team look? You may be wondering. Naturally, this will depend on the size of the practice and how many roles you have filled. You will want to factor in the various functions within the day to day workflow, as well as where you are lacking and need the most input and energy.

For example, most practices will have one or two people for the front office designated for scheduling, reception work, and to help augment some of the essential patient visit functions. Besides, they also will have an office manager and perhaps even a CA. In their minds, this is for keeping up with the rise in appointments from time to time.

This number would be a total of five people (including the chiropractor himself or herself). At first glance, it may seem like the office can take in new patients, but when it comes to ROF packet creation, there tends to be a delay or a bottleneck. This process can also lead to bottlenecks down the line in treatment, for example. If a ROF packet was glossed over, then other areas within the practice will likely suffer later (such as PVA).

It is essential to take a look at all of the areas within the practice objectively.  This process will help get your entire team on board and productive. Think about bottlenecks and slowness.

Next to each item you identify on your list, check off the areas where you have adequate coverage and also list out the areas where some bottlenecks or areas could use some improvement. This type of thinking and effort is what will take for you to begin to look at how you can improve the synergy and cohesion within your team. How can one expect to improve if they haven’t sat down and thought about where there are bottlenecks and what can be flowing better?

Once you have a good picture of the areas that need help, take a look at what you can to do correct or alleviate the situation. You may be able to balance roles and tasks between crucial individuals or take away responsibilities from overburdened team members. Another item to consider is even bringing in an additional teammate to help offset some of the demand needed to balance out your workflow and patient treatment processes better.

Of course, our team can help with practice growth and how to achieve the proper balance if you get stuck, and if there is anything we can do to help, please feel free to contact us at any time!

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