Why so many people give up on social media marketing

Let’s face it. Not Facebook it. See what we did there? Creative, or so we thought. But, not everyone wants to get into online media right away. Some are still old-school and feel like they grew up in the hard knocks. A place where a person’s words came from their voice, their verbal voice. Not their fingertips!

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In some ways, a large portion of the world appears to embrace this idea of social media because we know it’s not going anywhere. At least, in this format, anytime soon. Sure, some new players try to pop up, and so do new features, feed results, and on and on. Why does this all matter?

Because more and more businesses are starting to wake up and learn that social media is almost becoming the new, morphed way of being on the internet and having a real presence. Plus, social media is where they spend a lot of their time, and they know it is also where much of their target audience’s time goes.

Soon, shopping and other components of daily life will blend more and more into these social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), and transactional exchanges will be commonplace on these platforms. Society is getting there, and if we pay close attention, we will realize that most of it started with altruistic or movement-inspired notions. These methods almost always get people used to spending money on new platforms.

Of course, we have many business owners who already have started positioning themselves and their services, products, trinkets, practically everything they sell on social media. Many business owners begin with Facebook ads by creating an ad account and a simple Facebook or Instagram ad or “boosting posts.” What happens to many is that a month or two goes by and they become discouraged and eventually give up on social media for businesses entirely.

In the meantime, many successful businesses are running Facebook and Instagram ads, having a lot of success, and even getting sales conversions from their ad spend!

The real reason many people give up is that they don’t know that there are frameworks and strategies, and tactics that these “successful” firms are utilizing. They even have it down to a science because they know who clicks what button, when and for what reason.

If you are running a business, this leaves you with two options. Hire the skills needed, or learn them yourself. Caution, the learning part can become a giant rabbit hole, like Alice N, well, you know the rest.

If you plan on bringing in the “talent” from outside, take your time to engage with them and feel them out before you sign any contracts. Whoever you plan on hiring, understand what training and skillset their team possesses and, more importantly, how they will utilize their skill set(s) to help your business get the attention and demand you want it to have.

Feel free to contact us, as we have all the talent and expertise for Social Media, Paid Ads, and Management in-house. Everything from inception to delivery, and we make it affordable!

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