Why You Need Online Marketing!

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You Need Online Marketing Now!

Many years we ago, we used to use billboards, paper advertisements and other forms of physical communication to get the message across and market our products. The radio airwaves or the television stations were also available to get the messages across. Generally, the latter was for high ticket or high profile companies, products, and services. Somewhat of a “VIP” line.

In the current era, we’re starting to turn to digital advertising as a new method to push our products and services to our audiences.

Digital advertising as a method, process, and tool all hold different meanings for different businesses. The challenge becomes in not only picking up a platform but how to be strategic and where to place your budget and advertising spend.

In today’s world, it takes an entire re-assessment and a newfound education in marketing and psychology blended with technology and sequence that we have never seen before. At the forefront, it looks like just another Facebook post turned into an ad with a catchy headline, but on the back and it’s much more than this. If done correctly, a simple job that can cost an advertiser a few pennies or dollars can end up yielding exponential returns of thousands.

With all of this comes some complexity. It is not enough to secure your place in line and learn the message and routines. You must also understand how your influence can shape your audience using these tools and in turn motivate them to take action. To fail to understand this means at some point, you will likely be questioning your businesses ability to survive. Hence the reason why we are arming you with this information. We don’t want to alarm you, but rather; arm you. We will be putting out periodic valuable content, so please do check in from time to time. Also, be sure to sign up for notifications too!

You’re probably asking yourself what does it cost to start digital advertising? Well, the short answer is, it could be just us as little as a few dollars or upwards of hundreds and even thousands or millions of dollars in the top social advertising scales. The amount to spend is not so much the focal point to be concerned with as much as it is what is the return on the amount you are consuming. If for example, you are spending a few dollars, let’s hope your money back is at least ten dollars or more. It takes creativity, skill, and many other talents to pull off great returns in digital ad spend. The better you can understand these potential returns before spending, you much farther ahead of your competition.

Some people foolishly login to Facebook and boost posts, punch in their credit information and spend money not knowing what the net result is going to be. They get a few likes here and there, and they think what they are doing is working. Generally, this is not the case, and the activity is just an accidental exposure of a post to a new audience. That audience rarely will act on this boosted post. You will want to secure a practitioner who has been appropriately trained in digital marketing and has the acumen to demonstrate their capabilities and skill sets match and align with your overall business growth objectives.

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