Win Over The Hearts & Minds Of Your Visitors To Grow Your Company

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Win Over The Hearts & Minds Of Your Visitors To Grow Your Company

The best way to keep your customers and grow your business with sustainability is to drive conversions at each moment.

What does this mean for you? Generally, it could mean multiple things, but perhaps for you, it involves converting a lead or an infrequent customer into a loyal and beneficial customer to you and your business.

How do conversions work? Well, it really can vary depending on the forum, platform and methods of delivery used when trying to convert a lead or customer. There are many growth hacking tools and tactics, from attention-grabbing headlines to clear and concise call to actions.

But what drives one to make a decision? What makes you win over the hearts and minds of your prospects and customers? It’s one thing and one thing only, value. What value do you bring to them? Value can mean many things to many different people.

What does value mean to your buyers? What does giving them value mean? You need to empathize with their feelings to understand the answers to these two golden questions.  It is your responsibility as a business owner to know the clear-cut answers to these questions. For if not, why are you even in business?

You have a reason for existence and being in business. Sometimes you need to take your planning and thoughts back to your original mission. This process can mean going back to your roots and digging very profoundly for many. Once you identify what it is and what your passion began with, use this philosophy to determine your ideal gift of value that is worth a lot and someone (specifically your target audience) could benefit from having and using.

Make a list of the top value-added benefits your gif provides. Now take this gift and give it away to your lead, or customer for free. That’s right, absolutely nothing. No strings attached at all and no expectation for anything in return. Just pay it forward and move on. Please keep in mind; Sometimes you may need to craft different gifts for different audiences.

Now, the strange thing that happens here is within the confines of the gift and more deliberately the generous act, you will have won over the hearts and minds of your lead or prospect. You will have gained tremendously for doing so as well.

The chances are that many of these prospects will be returning for more of your value. But this time, they will be willing to spend and buy from you.

Make sure you keep good records and have excellent tracking for hot leads, warm leads and cold leads. You should have the capabilities to understand precisely where each lead or customer came from and exactly what won them over.

Good luck and we hope you grow with this information. As always, feel free to reach out if we can help in any way possible.

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