You are flying blind if you don’t have this ONE thing in business!

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A marketing plan. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Create a marketing plan, and you are off to the races, right? The truth is: NO! Many people think if they build a program and put together the right objectives in it, it’s going to be a simple shot at implementing it and getting leads.

Remember, getting leads is just half the battle. Did the sales lead get the right message in the first place? Having the right words and message embedded in their thoughts will make the eventual sale go smoothly. The successful deal and happy client all depends on how active the marketing plan is and how well it is managed and carried out.

Most companies don’t have a well defined go-to-market plan. Because they have challenges in identifying some of the fundamental marketing principals, it leaves them with several gaps in their program and usually is the reason most marketing plans fail in the first place.

What should your program and marketing plan include? (you may be asking). It should involve your intended or target audience. It should add all the information about them and where they hang out and how often they consume information of your type. You will also want to list out your goals in your marketing plans. You will want to outline these goals further and break them down into individual marketing plans and communication strategies that you will employ once you are ready. Your sub plans (or breakdown goals) can include which platforms you will use to reach your audience as well as how defined you want to get in your message.

Once you have a good idea on the direction of your plan, you will want to ensure you have the right budgeting in place. Make sure you iron out details such as how you will go about getting the sales leads into your funnel, and detailing the acquisition cost of a potential client, lifetime value of a client as well as projected ROI on the spend. It is not only essential to have a plan, but it is also equally vital to understand what it is going to cost to run it and what it could yield in return. These elements will help shape and guide your eventual plan once you are executing on it.

Our team is very well versed and seasoned in helping companies build, adjust and develop effective marketing plans. Please feel free to book an appointment by clicking here, and we will look forward to speaking further about how we may be able to help.

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