You Are Missing A Clear Call To Action!

Your website is likely missing a clear and distinct, direct, and (quite frankly blunt) Call to Action (CTA).

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Every day our team visits prospective customers’ websites, and we take a look at many factors to see how we can help them.

When we navigate these sites, we often find little nuances such as broken links or static content they are linking to in their pages.

When we navigate these sites, we often find little nuances such as broken links or static content they are linking to in their pages.

Broken links and problems like this are annoying, but they don’t necessarily stop or prevent transactions in every case.

There is a more significant problem that we see, which we will get to in a moment.

First, let’s understand the situation and face it. Most content is not evergreen. Honestly, no one expects it to be. But people have come to expect some level of clarity.

As we embark further into the digital age, it’s becoming increasingly important to set a direct message and ask for exactly what you want people to do.

It doesn’t just stop there; we have to ask in a compelling, strategic, and exact way.

Asking someone to click a button doesn’t make them do it. What makes them do it is how you’ve set up the need to click the button in the first place.

Now, you may be scratching your head, wondering what you are missing and what you have to do.

Let’s go through it. First, you need to make sure that the content surrounding any CTA makes sense, is clear, and does not contain any grammatical or spelling errors that would throw people off or push them away because it appears to be written by schoolchildren.

However, there are some cases where you may want to leave a typo here and there (such as blog posts or social posts and comments).

Sometimes, people want to see an average human behind the screen they are gaining knowledge from or communicating with because it helps them relate and make better decisions.

The next thing you want to ensure is that the action you are requesting in your content is easy to perform and doesn’t take long at all.

If you expect your visitors to click a button to schedule a call, for example, you will want to set it up first cleanly and transparently and then show it to them.

The other thing to consider is where you place the CTA within your content.

If it is a button on a web page, you may want to set it at eye level and ensure it is easily accessible based on the design of your content and page.

Before you start placing buttons and phone numbers here and there, you may want to do some more research.

Even competitive research on how successful competition employs their CTA’s will be of great benefit before you expend the time and develop something meaningless or worse, “put-offish.”

To conclude, make sure that whatever action you want consumers of your content to take, be precise and straightforward but elegant and classy.

When easily accessible and straightforward, your CTA’s will go a long way in your overall process.

Also, keep in mind, don’t overwhelm your audience with too many CTAs that are confusing either.

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