If you want to survive in the new digital advertising age, you need to have pixel-tracking enabled on your website.

Many people use Facebook, and it’s no secret they do this multiple times throughout the day. Just logging into a smartphone’s browser with Facebook once means that it knows your identity from here on out.

It is still essential to turn on the Pixel now even though you may not have that person in place or that person does not yet know about the Pixel.

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Why is that important to your business, you may be wondering? Well, if it’s not essential now, it will likely be one day. The chances are that one day will come very soon. It is necessary because it is no strange concept that everything is moving towards digital applications. Even the most traditional items that used to catch our eyes, such as billboards, phone books, and flyers, are all becoming digitized.

Founded in 2004, Facebook currently boasts more than 1.47 billion active users each day on their platform, and that number is only increasing each day. This figure does not include their visually-oriented platform Instagram, which logs about 100 million people every month. There are identity tracking synergies and advertisement capabilities between the two platforms which are also very appealing to businesses.

If you are a Doctor, Dentist, Chiropractor, Lawyer, Real Estate Agent or Broker, and practically any professional business owner, you need to turn the Pixel on, and you need to do it as soon as possible. Each minute that you delay, you are missing out on capturing the identity of someone visiting your site and the very characteristics that drive their interest to want to visit your website in the first place. This information will become necessary for you later on in business if it isn’t currently. More and more companies are taking advantage of Facebook and other social media platforms to get their message across but, more importantly, get it across to the people who even care or need to see it.

You are probably wondering how in-depth the technology goes, how much it costs to enable on your website, how long, what kind of expertise, and perhaps even a host of many other questions and challenges around it. First, you need at least login or administrative access to where your website is hosted and located (if this is with a company or hosted internally). Second, you can set this up even if you are somewhat techie. It doesn’t take much. Third, the technology will not precisely let you know who visited because it “anonymizes” the visitor’s identity within their platform, but this doesn’t matter because it gives you a host of benefits in being able to present ads, measure, and optimize for targeted growth.

For the ads, measurement, and optimizing piece, you will need someone who knows how to work with the Facebook platform from a marketing standpoint.

A simple search for “how to set up a Facebook pixel on X” (replace X with the platform your hosted files are on, i.e., Website or WordPress). If you need more “hands-on” help with setting up the Pixel, we offer remote services, of course, which you can message us to schedule. You can also visit our scheduling page by clicking here.

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