About Us

Our Mission

To help businesses grow by providing them with the same marketing resources that Fortune 500 corporations have access to at a fraction of the cost.

Our Story

We started Bizkey Hub because we cherish local, professional businesses. When we began in 2017, no central place existed that offered them a compelling and reasonable answer to grow faster at low costs or do it themselves.

Sure, nowadays, there are a ton of “ad agencies,” but we help companies in a more meaningful way.

Let’s start with the simple fact that we get the results our customers were expecting from the beginning, and we have a proven, established track record of scaling companies from the ground up.

We work in various industries and have specialists who have backgrounds and focus on each industry, so our clients can rest assured that our work and messages are specific to their audience, industry, and target market.

What makes us different than a traditional digital ad agency or a marketing company?

It’s simple for us. If you aren’t growing, neither are we.

Our survival depends on each of our client’s growth. Therefore, we focus around the clock to ensure that their business growth happens!

Our engagement with our clients is management-based and results-oriented. We manage the entire process (or parts depending on the needs) of getting them more customers, raising awareness, modernizing their image and brand, or integrating newer technologies into the business that will help it scale.

Our Leadership team

Our roots are deep and come from within Silicon Valley, and our leadership team has designed our entire process to be efficient and only focus on one thing: your business growth. Bizkey Hub is a Havandjian Enterprises, LLC company.

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